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What We Do

We build websites that are sophisticated, affordable, and easy for you to keep up to date.

We do it by using the leading development frameworks Wordpress and Joomla! (the exclamation mark is part of the name).

Wordpress and Joomla are both open-source content management systems and application frameworks that power millions of websites worldwide. Both have a vibrant user community, sophisticated features and plenty of power, and both give you access to your content so that you can keep the website fresh and informative. The choice of which system to use is governed to a large extent by the type of site and the specific features you want

To make your site look professional and eyecatching we can either create a custom layout or use a high quality template.  Some web designers will tell you that using a template is somehow inferior.  We disagree.  They can give a site a look and feel that can only be created from scratch by spending a lot of money.

We have built online shop systems on a variety of platforms including Woocommerce in Wordpress and the popular Shopify system.

We also use a database called Zoho Creator, which is a web-based database system that allows us to create flexible applications embedded within your website.  That sort of thing is normally very costly, but Zoho Creator solutions are reasonably priced or even completely free.

Our approach is based on decades of success and experience in IT in a wide variety of market segments, including:

  • Public Sector (Metropolitan Police)
  • Education (several schools)
  • Marketing (GI Solutions)
  • Small Business (artist, beauty salon, bespoke jeweller, restaurants, wedding awards company)
  • Banking (RBS, Credit Suisse)
  • Insurance (JLT)
  • Construction (Tarmac)
  • Telecoms (BT)
  • Utilities (South Western Electricity)
  • Charities (various churches and a local branch of Mind)
  • Voluntary Organisations (athletics league, yacht owners association)

This gives us insight into what organistions need. Before focussing on the technical and design elements of a website we look at the benefits that need to accrue from the development of the site.

Our success has been based on productive customer relations and mutual trust as well as a high degree of professionalism.

With a background in project management as well as technical skills, we are well placed to integrate with larger projects or to act as the prime contractor for work that goes beyond just web design.